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July 16th 2021

Confirm your place for September 2021

To Appeal for a place at sixth form if you have not met our entry criteria please also complete the form below:

Sixth Form Appeal

‘Teaching, learning, and assessment in the Sixth Form continues to be good.’

‘Sixth Form students receive good guidance and mentoring from staff.  They are well supported in planning what to do in the future with a large proportion going on to education, employment, or training. Students have plenty of meaningful opportunities to develop leadership skills. such as by working with younger pupils in the school.’

OFSTED – September 2019

KES Academy Sixth Form ‘Virtual Taster’

Click the image to view our ‘Virtual Taster’ presentation which contains a range of information and videos from both staff and students that outline the many opportunities, subjects, and support structures we have in place here.

A-Level results 2021 – KES Academy Sixth Form results improve again!

A*-A grades 30% – Improved for the fourth successive year
A*-B grades 57% – Improved for the fourth successive year
A*-C grades 83% – Improved for the fourth successive year

2021 Student Destinations

100% of our students achieved a place at university, an apprenticeship or full-time employment for the third successive year.

85% of students achieved a place at their first choice university.

One student achieved a place at Cambridge university following the three students that achieved places at Oxford/Cambridge in 2020.

Prospective Sixth Form students

Are you a current sixth-form student, or thinking of joining us at 16?

This section of our website is specifically relevant to you, including information on our subjects and revision, transport, dress code, and more.

  • To apply to join KES Academy Sixth Form in September 2021 click here