Careers Programme

During a student's time at KES Academy, we include information on the range of education and training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes; guidance that will promote the best interests and strengths of the students to whom it is given.

Our careers education information, advice and guidance is presented in an impartial manner, showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular institution, education or work option.

Year 11 interventions:

All Year 11 pupils have the opportunity to attend a face to face 1:1 session with our Careers Lead, Barbara Backham, in school. This is an impartial meeting, logged and designed to guide each pupil to be able to be confident in making the right choices to support them on their journey to achieve their career goals and to be happy in their future lives. All pupils also have access to the Adviser on request for further advice, ideally face to face but at the moment by email or Teams. The Adviser keeps a noticeboard in the Year 11 zone to share opportunities and advice and also shares this regularly with Tutors for use during Seminar times. 

Careers Lead, Barbara Backham (Ext. 253)

Students have a careers session fortnightly which focuses on developing an understanding of Post 16 transition options and making applications.

All Year 11 pupils are registered on Help You Choose and make applications to either a 6th Form or College of their choice. The pupils are supported through contact via email/teams or other means to make sure that they secure a destination as soon as possible. Year 11 also have access to external providers via their careers programme within their timetable.

Help You Choose Norfolk

Students that are interested in apprenticeship opportunities are supported by our links with TRaC who provide further assistance in finding an appropriate employer. Pupils attend meetings in school before being assigned a 1:1 mentor.



Career Advice and Guidance:

Career related noticeboards are allocated around the school for each year group and are kept up to date with work and apprenticeship opportunities advertised. This information is also emailed to all students in Years 11, 12 and 13.

Seminar sessions include subject related career advice slides weekly and are updated with local and national opportunities which are also emailed. 

The school uses ‘START’ an online careers platform, designed to connect 11–18 year olds with their future career potential. 'Icould' has also been shared with pupils and 'SpringPod' for pupils who are looking for virtual work experience during lockdown.




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Take Your Place:

'Take Your Place' is a programme run by The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco). Working with students in Years 9 and above, 'Take Your Place' aims to help young people from East Anglia to explore the world of higher education. You can find out more about the programme here.
Take Your Place has partnered with KES Academy to provide students with information, advice, experiences and opportunities that will support them to make important decisions about their future. 
Partners of the programme include all of the higher education providers in East Anglia, working closely with schools, Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and other stakeholders.
Michael Orange is the Higher Education Champion from Take Your Place. You can get in touch with Michael via email at for advice on university, college, sixth form, apprenticeships and employment.
Take your place