Our Approach to Curriculum

‘In doctrina horas crescat’ – Let him hourly increase in learning.

At KES Academy we are passionate about the power of a knowledge-rich curriculum as the foundation for education. The curriculum is ambitious for all, yet inclusive and accessible. It focuses on engaging, rigorous teaching with a high level of literacy and seeks to inspire our students through the delivery and mastery of powerful knowledge. Subject curricula are sequenced so that knowledge is built on not only hourly, but weekly, termly and across students’ time at KES so that foundations are secure and students can apply this knowledge to any context. We value academic excellence, and our students are rewarded for this both within the Academy and outside, including our prestigious gold medal awarded by the King.

Our taught curriculum is underpinned by eight House Values – Empathy, Determination, Creativity, Self-belief, Passion, Teamwork, Honesty and Respect. This allows us to ensure that all students move to their chosen destination equipped to take their place in the modern world as responsible and thoughtful young people who can make a difference. We value personal excellence as equal to academic excellence, and our students are given a wide range of opportunities to excel, through the curriculum and our extensive enrichment offer. Our enrichment offer includes House competitions across all disciplines and many opportunities for educational visits both in the local area and beyond. Community is important to us, and we seek to reflect and challenge our local context through the activities we provide in school.

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact Barbara Backham - office@kesacademy.org.uk