Mental Health and Wellbeing

At KES Academy we are continually developing and improving our child-centred approach to emotional health, wellbeing and mental health. We aim to foster an ethos that promotes mutual respect, learning and successful relationships among young people and staff.

We strive to create a culture of inclusiveness and communication that ensures all pupils’ concerns can be addressed to provide a safe environment which nurtures and encourages pupils’ sense of self-worth and self-efficacy, reduces the threat of bullying and violence and promotes positive behaviour.

The curriculum provides students with the information they need to make good decisions about their health and wellbeing , recognise issues in themselves and others and, when issues arise, seek support as early as possible from appropriate sources. Through our PSHE programme and our daily seminar time, we promote positive behaviour, enable our students to develop empathy and British Values, understand healthy relationships and reduce disruptive behaviour and bullying. We are passionate about the role physical health has in supporting mental wellness. As part of the Rise Above project, we further develop leaders to support peers.

We have a strong and vibrant Anti-bullying Team and promote inclusivity through our LGBTQ+ services and Young Carers group. At KES Academy we aim to provide a structured school environment with clear expectations of behaviour which are regularly reset to ensure clarity, understanding and consistency. We have well-communicated social norms and routines, which are reinforced with highly consistent consequence systems which ensure support is available at all times. Our staff bring a wide range of experience and skills, to share in planning, training and supervision. Mental health professionals support our team and provide guidance, training, resources and signpost support from their particular experience of working with children and young people.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about a worry, issue or for advice, please get in touch with our Safeguarding Lead, Ms Tilly or call the Safeguarding Team on 07443278065