Enrichment & Activities

Academy trips

KES Academy has a strong commitment to the added value of learning outside the classroom and beyond the academy’s premises. It will seek to provide a broad & balanced range of ‘learning outside the classroom’ opportunities for all its students
Each year the academy will arrange a number of activities that take place off the academy site and out of academy hours, which support our aims. The range of activities to which the governing body has given its approval includes:
- Out of hours clubs (music, drama, art, science, sport, homework, etc.)
- Sports teams
- Regular local visits (places of worship, swimming, other local amenities)
- Day visits for particular groups
- Residential visits
- Overseas visits
- Adventure activities
Examples of this include:
- The Year 7 History trip to Castle Acre, designed to offer activities and experiences that cannot be delivered via normal lessons
- The Year 7 and 8 trip to Eurodisney, the Year 9 and 10 French exchange to Rodez to develop language skills
- The Year 11, 12 and 13 Religious Education trip to the prison of war camps in Auschwitz, Poland
- The Year 10-13 trip to China for sports
- Language leaders and the sixth form trip to Boston, USA for sports leadership and widening horizons on future education pathways.

Lunchtime Clubs and Activities

Day Activity Location Year Group Week 1/Week2/All
Monday MUGA MUGA Year 11 ONLY All
  Basketball Sports Hall Year 7/9 All
  Student Senate Library All All
  Colouring Club B12 All All
  Russian D9 All Week 1
  History GCSE Revision B7 Year 11 ONLY All
  Library Library All All
  Dance Sports Hall All All
  Homework C9 Year 7 ONLY All
Tuesday MUGA MUGA Year 10 ONLY All
  Badminton Sports Hall All All
  French D9 Year 11 ONLY All
  German D8 Year 7/8 Week 2
  Maths M7 Year 7/8 All
  Drama The Centre All All
  Library Library All All
  Spanish D9 Year 11 ONLY All
  Homework C9 Year 8 ONLY All
  Year 10 Entrepreneurs B10 - 12:25 - 13:00 Year 10 ONLY ALL
  Year 9 Problem Solvers B10 - 13:25 - 14:00 Year 9 ONLY All
Wednesday MUGA MUGA Year 9 ONLY All
  Chinese D11 Year 7/8 All
  GCSE Media Skills B1 Year 10/11 All
  PC Programming C12 All All
  Library Library All All
  Maths Problems M3 Year 7/8 All
  Debating  B17 Year 8-10 All
  Short Film D5 Year 10/11 Week 2
  Short Film D5 Year 7-9 Week 1
  Allotment D4 All All
  Table Tennis Sports Hall All All
  Homework C9 Year 9 Only All
  Preparing for HE Study Room 13:25 - 14:00 Year 13 ONLY All
Thursday MUGA MUGA Year 8 ONLY All
  Duke of Edinburgh C11 Year 9-13 Week 2
  Spanish D9 Year 11 ONLY All
  Nelson's Journey LSB By Appointment All
  LGBTQ LSB By Appointment All
  School Nurse LSB By Appointment All
  Textiles G1 Year 7 All
  Library Library All All
  Natural History C6 All All
  Creative Writing B11 Year7/8 All
  French D9 Year 11 ONLY All
  Homework C9 Year 10 ONLY All
Friday MUGA MUGA Year 7 ONLY All
  BTEC Dance Practical Sports Hall Year 11 ONLY All
  Reading for Pleasure D7 All All
  Ancient History Library All All
  Library Library All All
  Vocals and Singing C12 All All
  Chess and Board Games A4 All All
  History GCSE Exam B15 Year 11 ONLY All

PE Clubs

At KES Academy, there are numerous opportunities for students to enjoy their favourite sports or to learn new ones.

Day Activity Location Year Groups
Monday Hockey MUGA All
  Football Field Year 10
  Basketball Sports Hall Year 7 & 8
Tuesday Girls Football Field All
  Football Field Year 8 & 9
  Badminton Sports Hall All
  Table Tennis Gym Year 9 & 10
Wednesday Bench Ball Sports Hall All
  Football Field Year 7
  Handball MUGA All
Thursday Rugby Field All
  Basketball Sports Hall Year 9 & 10
  Table Tennis Gym Year 7 & 8
Friday House Events