We believe good standards of dress and personal presentation promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour whilst identifying students to the local community and future employers as proud members of a high quality educational establishment.  The cooperation of all parents and carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform at all times.

The academy uniform is formal and is clearly defined and we expect all students to wear it correctly with pride. It is expected that all students will wear the uniform unless there is a valid medical or cultural reason why a student cannot wear a particular item or why they have to wear an additional garment. Any student refusing to wear the correct uniform will be withdrawn from lessons until the matter is rectified.

Our official uniform supplier is Stratfords, King’s Lynn. Orders can be placed online or in store: 

  • TEL: 01553 772043

Uniform is available Monday to Friday 08.00 – 16.30, all year round.

Order online here

KES Uniform Price List 2023

As of Friday 1st December, parents will need to use a passcode to enter Stratfords website to order online. The school has sent this to parents via email. Please contact office@kesacademy.org.uk if you have no received this.

Below is an overview of compulsory & optional items of uniform for boys & girls from September 2021 (changes to existing items in bold):


Main uniform

Compulsory Items

  • UniformPlain grey tailored trousers in a traditional style (cords, jeans, chinos, wide flares, linens, hipsters, skinny or flared bootleg designs are not permitted) OR Plain grey knee length in a traditional style skirt. The preferred supplier is Stratford’s, King’s Lynn.
  • Plain white shirt with a collar
  • Navy blazer with the academy logo embroidered on the breast pocket (from approved supplier only)
  • An academy House colours tie (from approved supplier only) 
  • Plain dark socks/tights
  • Black formal shoes; Trainers, canvas shoes or shoes with sports logos are not permitted. 

Optional Items

  • Navy jumper with academy logo (from approved supplier only).


PE Kit

Compulsory Items

  • Red polo shirt with academy logo (from approved supplier only).
  • Black shorts with academy logo (from approved supplier only).
  • Tracksuit trousers or sports leggings (from approved supplier only). New item
  • KES logo hooded sweatshirt (from approved supplier only). New item
  • Red Academy sports socks.
  • Sports trainers (or football boots when appropriate).

Optional Items

  • Rugby Shirt (from approved supplier only).
  • Showerproof Black jacket (from approved supplier only). New item
Main Uniform
King Edward VII Academy Blazer  With Academy logo.  Sleeves rolled down. No other jacket / blazer/ hooded top is permitted.
King Edward VII


Academy Tie 

Tied onto closed neck of white shirt at an appropriate length. Academy tie with House colours being phased in from Sept 2021
White Shirt Formal plain white (short or long sleeved) with stiff collar for wearing with a tie. Shirt sleeves rolled down.  Top button done up and always tucked in. No polo or open necked shirts
Grey Trousers Plain, formal loose fitting school style that reach down to the shoe. Not rolled up. No skinny trousers/jeans/chinos.  No jogging bottoms or jeans.  No patterns, studs or decoration.
Grey Knee Length Skirt Plain, pleated or flat fronted, formal school style skirt down to the knees, not stretchy.  No mini or pencil skirts No other style of skirt is permitted.  Skirts should be Knee length as a minimum.
Navy jumper with academy logo (optional) Navy jumper with academy logo (from approved supplier only). No other style or colour is permitted.
Winter Coat Academy blazers must be worn underneath.  Plain in design and dark in colour.


No coats to be worn in the Academy.

No hooded tops, jackets or sweatshirts to be worn over or under blazers.
Socks or tights  Plain black No patterns or decoration.
Shoes Plain black, flat, formal, leather-type sensible shoes that are polishable. No trainers, boot shoes, canvas, suede, plimsolls, leisure shoes or sandals are permitted.  No high heels, platforms or shoes without backs.

One pair of stud earrings are permitted. 

No facial jewellery incl. retainers. 

No rings or bracelets of any kind other than medical. 

No other visible jewellery is permitted. No facial or body piercings or retainers. No hats or bandannas.  Jewellery will have to be removed for specific practical lessons.  Plasters are not permitted to cover jewellery.
Hair Hair accessories should be black or grey in colour Extreme hairstyles or un-natural colours are not permitted.
PE Kit
Red Polo Shirt  With Academy logo. No other style or colour permitted.
Black Shorts   With Academy logo No other style or colour permitted.
Tracksuit trousers or sports leggings Black with red detailing No other colour or style is permitted.
Outdoor Sports



KES logo hooded sweatshirt No other colour or style of hooded top is permitted.
Rugby Shirt (optional) With Academy logo No other style or colour permitted.
Showerproof Black jacket (optional) With Academy logo No other style or colour permitted.
Socks  Red Academy sports socks. No other style is permitted.
Footwear Sports trainers or football boots when appropriate. No other footwear permitted.

If you are not able to participate in PE as a performer, you will still need to bring your PE kit and get changed.

If you fail to bring your PE kit, you will be expected to borrow from the PE Department.

Please note: King Edward VII Academy makes the final decision as to what is acceptable or not acceptable in all aspects of a students appearance.

For details of the King Edward VII Academy Sixth Form dress code, please click here.

Uniform Policy